CDA, agence de recrutement au Luxembourg. Recrutement, bilan de compétences, évolution de carrières.
CDA, recruitment agency in Luxembourg
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73, rue de Neudorf - L-2221 LUXEMBOURG
Tél. (+352) 26 12 26-1
Fax (+352) 26 12 26-26

CD Associates is the partnership of Carmela Ciarmoli & Yvonne Dechering, both highly experienced in their domains, who joined forces in their respective activities executive search & selection, in-& outplacement.
For the past 10 years we have mainly been operating in Luxembourg, as we have built a strong local understanding, working capabilities and network, with extended ability to target European markets as well.


We approach our work with the highest professionalism and openness. We commit to honesty and integrity. We exhibit high quality standards in our daily work in order to satisfy both our clients and candidates.

We listen to our clients and candidates and consider their needs. We appreciate the differences that exist between the individuals and respect other people's opinions. Absolute confidentiality for both parties is guaranteed.

Our clients always come first. Their satisfaction is the key measure of our success. We use our knowledge, experience and resourcefulness to anticipate their needs and seek the challenge – we consider solutions that go beyond the usual; we think "out of the box".

We strive for excellence by working to the best of our ability all the time. We attempt to exceed your expectations, propose concrete solutions within a quick timing and focus on the essential.

Every assignment we conduct is unique and possesses a variety of challenges for our recruiting associates.

As recruiting professionals with a broad range of experience and expertise we are able to apply innovative and flexible techniques to find the best and most adequate candidate.Our searches span finance, sales and marketing, human resources, management, legal, information technology. Our specialty is customising effective recruiting programs that seek out and evaluate the most qualified candidates to match our client's needs.

Many companies are faced with the challenge of providing placement assistance to their displaced employees.

Because of its delicate nature, it is crucial that it is handled in the most effective way possible. The specialists at CD Associates have the expertise and resources necessary to provide effective programs that are designed to meet your company's specific needs. These coaching supports are offered to individuals through full-service programs combining individual assistance, self assessment analysis, market research, employment search strategy and campaign, to guide in a timely acceptable, company internal or external, job market re-entrance.

For your future Career Development needs do call us on (+352) 26 12 26 - 1
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